For using this sofware, you have to accept the conditions that follows. We recommended that you read them very carefully. If you not comprehend the conditions (or disagree with fome of them), you should not use this software. When you hit click to the button Test, it will be understood as a fact that you accept the following terms and conditions of this licence.


GRUPO LUXIN S.A.P.I DE C.V. and hereafter 'THE COMPANY', grants a temporary licence to 'THE CLIENT', under the following terms and conditions:

1.1. 'THE CLIENT' accepts and agrees that, for using this Service, it needs a device that fulfills the compatibility requirements and of the corresponding system, that can vary occasionally; also, needs internet access and the compatible software. This factors can influence service performance and the possibility of using it. So 'THE CLIENT' assume the responsibility of using the minimum requirements.

1.2. 'THE COMPANY' grants 'THE CLIENT' the non exclusive and non transferable rights for using the SOFTWARE under the next liminations:

a) It is prohibided to sublet or lease back to a third party.

b) It is forbidden to apply any technique of inverse engineering that has the objective to unveil the source code.

c) It is forbidden any technique or action that has the objective of damaging the functionality or operativity of the software

d) It is forbidden to transfer rights and obligations of this contract to a third party.

I.3. “LA EMPRESA” podrá terminar en cualquier momento y sin aviso previo los servicios brindados a “EL CLIENTE” si este no cumple con todas y cada una de las limitaciones mencionadas en el inciso I.2.

SECOND: AGE RESTRICTIONS For using this software, 'THE CLIENT' needs to be greate than 13 years old, but under 18 years old, it need to have parents or legar tutor permission and accept the present conditions. You should not access this software if, for legal or other reasons, has been deprived of the right of receiving or using the service or any other content in virtue of the laws if the country of residency. You need to respect additional age restrictions that can apply for the use of the specific content.

THIRD: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. All intellectual property rights of the SOFTWARE (including images, photos, animations, videos, audio, music, texts, and other elements that form part of the software) as well as tge dicynebtatuib attached belong to 'THE COMPANY'. THE SOFTWARE is protected by the law and intenational treaties relative to intellectual property. As a consequence, the user should use the software like any other protected material by the intellectual property laws.

FOURTH: CREDIT CART PAYMENTS. Both parties agree that 'THE CLIENT' will be capable of doing payments in favor of 'THE COMPANY' with a credit card; in accordance of 'Rules that stick to the Multiple Bank Institutions and Credit Card Operations (Insituciones de Banca Múltiples y Operación de Tarjetas Bancarias)', or in accordance with any other credit account opening, like a Checking Account or investments.

FIFTH: INFORMATION CONFIDENTIALITY. Since the opening of this contract, 'THE COMPANY' acknowledges that the information captured in the SOFTWARE it's 'THE CLIENT'S' exclusively property. This is why 'THE COMPANY' its obliged to not alienate, lease, borrow, record, negotiate, reveal, publish, convey the information, or any other way to divulge or supply to any person or company, national, or foreign, public or private, through any means. Even when the information is going to be used for studies, reports, proposals or offers, neither all of it or part of it, give it for any means to third party persons, companies, national or foreign, public or private, present or future.

SIXTH: LIMITED WARRANTY. As far as the present applicable legislation, 'THE COMPANY' will provide 'THE CLIENT' the SOFTWARE, and 'THE COMPANY' do not offers any warranty or garanties explicitly or implicitly of the results that the SOFTWARE could have on 'THE CLIENT'.

SEVENTH: WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY IN DAMAGE AND PREJUDICE.  In matter that the applicable legislation, in any case, 'THE COMPANY' will not be responsible for any damage, either are especial, direct or indirect included in a enunciative way but not limiting: loss of profit, interrupted commercial activities or loss of information derived from the use and the impossibility of the software use, even when 'THE COMPANY' received previous notice of the possibility of this damages.

EIGHT: TERMINATION.  Any of the parts will be capable of ending the present contract with any major formality. It is understood and agreed for both parties that, if 'THE CLIENT' doesn't pays in time and in the way of payment, 'THE COMPANY' will be capable of shutdown the services that the SOFTWARE provide, without previous notice or changes.

NINTH: CHANGES IN TERMS AND CONDITIONS.  'THE COMPANY' reserves its right, according to its sole criterion, to change, modify, add or remove fragments of the terms and conditions in any moment. It's under your responsability to review the terms and condition in a periodical way with the final propuse to know if there are updated. If you continue to use the site after modifications weere published, it will be understood that you accept them. As long as you agree and hold this conditions of use, 'THE COMPANY' will grants a personal privilege, that is limited, non transferable, and non exclusive for you to login and use the site.

TENTH: APPLICABLE LEGISLATION.  For the interpretation and fulfillment of the present contract, both parties submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts in the city of Mérida, Yucatán. As well as the decree contained in the Civil Code valid or active in the State of Yucatán, México, expressly resigning to the jurisdiction that corresponds in your actual or future residency.